Systems for rescue operations

Gone are those times, where protocols had to be written multiple times and where errors, created by unreadable handwriting needed to be corrected. We offer a comfortable, digital system for an efficient protocol for all data, from patient to medical emergency case documentation. All information required for invoice processing is captured and fed to the invoice receipient, e.g. health insurances. Pocket-Biz is producing all mobile system components and a complete server component which attaches to your ERP system. The existing accounting software for invoice handling and central emergency call centers is attached or can be purchased from us, too.

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Medical professionals capture patient and service data during transit times - mobile and digital. They will not need to rework their protocol after return. They are led through the dialogs through their ergonomic design, helpers and loojups are everywhere available, so most times the pen is all they will need. Complete and precise data are the result.

The entered protocols are base for documentation and statistics. Gathered data enable a provable quality process.

Integrated Data

The devices expose a wide range of standing data. With each synchronisation cycle, these are updated and are always up to date.

Smooth and ergonomic

The simple and intuitive user interface in the application has been verified in the field, in hundreds of thousand rescue events. It has a proven, high acceptance level. All dialogs are designed for everyday and intuitive use. 

High Performance

Optionally, we provide a digital alarm path, which feeds known facts about event, required equipment, patients, locations and GPS coordinates to the devices. The alarm path may involve GPRS, narrow-band RF transmission to pagers or other means. The information is then immediatly used to route the team to the target location on the fastest possible track. In cases, we provide either a mobile protocol printer (letter size prints) or a FAX and eMail transmission for the protocols from the emergency call center to the hospital or doctors. In both cases, a graphical protocol printout in hands of the patient's next doctor is the result.

The rescue application is running since end of 2003 and was our proof of concept application. It is running under hardest conditions, 24h@7days a week.
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