Our products are systems for mobile data aquisition, using mobile computing devices like touchscreen operated handhelds, PDAs, small laptops or smart phones.
These mobile devices then turn into front ended instances of the IT systems of our customers; mobile, cost effective and efficient. The potential application scope of our products spans all sectors, where information is gained onsite, on location, in the field.
Our systems are intended for
robust, enduring operations and fulfil highest reqirements on functionality, ergonomics and data security. Aquisition of data on location and object in realtime and therefore with highest precision.

Our passion is, to raise mobile computing devices into effective real-time data aquisition systems. In order to gain a maximum process quality and highest process efficiency, data should be aquired in real time and on location. Where paper forms or notes have been used to capture data on location, mobile computers eliminate extra time and effort. Paper's drawbacks are removed. With our systems, these applications are now mobilized, ruggedized in harsh environment and more cost effective!
We always present artless, self explaining applications done with art. You will find complex systems under the hood, but they appear clean and direct. We make these applications productive. 

Device Examples

The shown examples are samples of our mobile devices, each running a Pocket-Biz application of our customers. Devices range from PDAs to comfortable, robust industrial grades.
The software is in principle independent of the underlying hardware, given the devices expose the required features like CF-slots, PCMCIA or direct interface implementations. You can make use of RFID readers, barcode scanners or printing functions.

All devices share these properties: being small and lightweight, they can be moved along workplace easily. All can be switched off and on and return to their application interactivity within 1-2 seconds. Therefore, processes are not disturbed.




FuturePad CE



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Psion Workabout G2

Following statements apply to all MroMobile product editions
Check us out for each statement!

  • MroMobile Aero our dedicated product for the aircraft industry and aircraft operations
  • MroMobile Assets our product for thorough asset management
  • MroMobile Framework the base product, applied to other industry or utility domains

    A powerful instrument in your hands: robust, flexible and effective.




    • applied technology result in
      • accelerated processes
      • superior technology
      • lowest process cost
    Applied technology results in
    • accelerated processes
    • superior performance
      with lowest process cost

    Business Performance

    • revenue protection
    • shortened process times
    • scalability
    • enhanced processes
    • less effort for documenting and dispatch
    • lean organization
    • less communications
    • gapless operations


    • central monitoring
    • covering statistics
    • central dispatch
    • strengthened processes
    • process transparency
    • expand your reach into the field


    • data-loss protection  
    • robust application
    • availability
      • working still, even when servers are down
      • independency of networks
      • independency of powerline
    • transparency
      • process transparency
      • staff transparency
      • schedule transparency
    • revenue protection
    • retained IT landscape
    • enforced rules
      • role based operation
      • immediate rule application
    • gapless operations
      • handling exceptions
      • handling rule gaps
    • safeguarded future
      • applied standards
      • applied technology
      • portability
    • reliability
      • multilevel redundancy
    • more secure then paper
    • accuracy


    • as simple as paper
    • guided rules
    • paperless operations
    • automation
    • complex layers are hidden to the user

    comparison with online-solutions

    Competitional Positioning

    • Process Coverage without holes
    • Superior Technology
    • Highest Usability
    • Versatile Adaptibility
    • Scalability
    ask us, let us convince you with strong arguments




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