In our applications, input data fields can generally be filled by use of RFID content, or indirectly by RFID key content. Directly or indirectly by lookups, text or type can be captured using RFIDs.
While we prefer UHF-generation2-tags, we do support other types, too. Content of these tags can be altered, if they are equipped with writable memory space. This way, a history and other content can be exchanged.

Often, customers can (or must) create their own tag directory content and do not use the consumer article oriented EPCGlobal code spaces. We are able to provide you with an appropriate code space design, content creation or an infrastructure of RFID middleware based on third party platforms, e.g. ALE server or ONS server components. Existing stationary infrastructures of cause can be complemented by us with mobile data systems.

Typical applications are
Identification of objekts in order to ensure the right object is under service, or in order to activate specific functions
Last visit in order to track history on the device itself
Identification of people using a personalized RFID, the user can be identified and specific functions are enabled
Tracking of objekts anything, equipped with an RFID, can be traced. Example objects are tools, containers or medicaments

investigate in our product descriptions, there are many places, where RFIDs can complement your process


  • Maintenance on machinery, infrastructure or your products
  • Asset-Management
  • Logistics
  • Clinics
  • Rescue Operations
  • Customer relation and Services
  • our Framework for mobile Applications
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