Our framework includes tracking of services, deliveries and material. Customer's signature can be captured, barcodes or RFIDs can be scanned. Documents can be printed using mobile printers. If an online connection exists, our mobile's framework server can produce fax and email notifications or invoices on buttonclick and send them immediatly.

Usually connected via GPRS or UMTS, orders and instructions are sent to the device in realtime. If no online connection exists, the device continues fully operative until a connection can be established. Therefore docking stations, WLAN and Bluetooth are working options, too.

Those configurations, which allow an online connection include the direct integration of a car navigation. Orders come along with GPS coordinates and the device transmits the current coordinates on an adjustable schedule. The user can select a work order and start the car navigation on demand.

Please have a look into our RFID section, too. RFIDs can be read or written depending on tag type and datafield. We support all major frequencies while prefer UHF Gen2 tags for their technology benefits.


typical system for logistics

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