Systems for other Applications, Framework

All our products are funded on our framework. You may use it for creating your own business application.
Using it, enables you to extend your existing applications into the open field.
Do generate applications, which don't exist today. Our framework will dramatically simplify your development process!

The framework offloads you from major development tasks, which are recurrent for each mobilized application.

See the list on the right for details. Our framework covers all aspects of a mobile application!

You may focus on the user interface, functionality detail and process implementation.
Integration with your IT backbone systems will be easy by using pre-built interfaces. We will provide to you the tools and libraries to make this integration a smooth and secure step. Touch us and we will provide you with detailed insight into the capabilities and depth of our framework.

Here is a quick list of features, where their combination is unique and important for the success of a mobile project:
  • Devices are fully operational online and offline

  • Easy and controlled exposition of lookup choices and standing data

  • Preconfigured system administration with web access

  • Preconfigured central server, hosting all your mobile applications

  • Secure and reliable data synchronisation

  • Automated software update

  • Existing components for RFID, Barcode and SmartCard integration

  • Full graphical, mobile printing module including barcode print

  • Single point administration

  • Car Navigation and geografical tracking fully integrated

  • Messaging to and between users, remote or in office

  • Workflow integration, firing your IT system's event on configurable data content

  • Central, professional database, e.g. Oracle

  • Ability, to add or alter forms and fields by central XML textfiles on the fly

  • Prebuilt, configurable GPRS, UMTS or WLAN interfaces

  • Send new alarms, worklists, locations or documents on demand

  • Automatic synchronisation of captured data with backbone IT and remote databases
  • display and search within / lookup selection of standing data within the user-interface
  • Of yourse, we support you in any phase with any kind of required service, from design, process modelling, education, integration or whatever is required. You are in control of depth, cost and effort for such project!

    If you want to know more, see our technology information or touch us immediately.

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