Systems for Service Providers

Car navigation

Services which are to be executed on location very often need car navigation and remote data synchronisation capabilities.

Order transmission

The system feeds work orders to the mobile staff in real time. work orders are complete with all required detail.

Position tracking

We integrated tightly the products of Navigon and implemented their API functions, so the return of coordinates is part of the product. The call and dipatch center is able to trace the staff location and state.

Online transactions

Whenever the services need to fire transactions during the work order execution, our systems provide the capability to connect the call and dispatch center and to fire required transactions. The most simple case is the dispatchability state of the mobile forces.

Offline capability

The systems have the inherent capability of offline continuation. So they always proceed with the process, uninterrupted. A intermittendly lost connection has no impact to the mobile staff or customer, other then transmission delay until the connection is resumed.

Barcode or RFID

Depending on requirements, all established interfaces can be implemented and integrated into the dialogs.

Typical devices

as examples, here the small devices from Symbol and Psion Teklogix as widely accepted enterprise grade solutions. Robustness and sustaining support are key device elements for mobile service applications.

Mromc70_small  MropsionWorkaboutPro


See our Asset Management product, too. MroMobile Asset has a lot of capabilities, which might serve your purposes and we are able to quickly assemble a matching application for your needs from existing building blocks! Contact us and we will be happy to make a proposal.

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