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Our Products

Our products are systems for mobile data aquisition, using mobile computing devices like touchscreen operated handhelds, PDAs, shrunk laptops or smart phones.
These mobile devices then turn into front ended instances of the IT systems of our customers; mobile, cost effective and efficient. The potential application scope of our products spans all industrial and logistic sectors, where information is gained onsite, on location, in the field.

Our Mission

Our aim is, to produce effective real-time data aquisition for the benefit of our customers. In order to gain a maximum process quality and highest process efficiency, data shall be aquired in real time and on location. Traditionally, paper forms or notes have been used by our clients to capture data on location or move and later, these have been entered again into IT systems, ending up in databases incomplete, unproven, late and expensive. This gap is very much narrowed now. Our customers did run client-server applications on immobile PCs or fragile and slow laptops. With our systems, these applications are now mobilized, ruggedized in harsh environment and much more cost effective!
Our mission is, to always present clear, self explaining applications. While you will find complex systems under their hood. Our target is to make these applications running productive within shortest timeframes.

What we deliver

Pocket-Biz usually delivers complete Systems, first of all the complete software for mobile data aquisition, but also devices and accessory, in order to have a complete, running system. Devices, device-software, server-software, a complete administration toolset, database-schemes and any required detail, up to installation and required education. As your collaboration partner, together we assemble an entire, working solution – reusing existing modules out of our rich set of libraries and your expertise about your processes. Starting with a process discussion, device selection ending up with dialog design. Target is always, to gather an immediate adoption by your users. In focus is a solution, which eases your work. Our systems are made for a productive, everyday usage.

Your Benefits

Our products decrease your process costs. The process quality is raised significantly. Data captured are more precise, more actual and more complete - they are gathered on location, on event, in realtime with the full context.
Information is materialized, visible from all working locations and anytime, therefore communication cost is reduced. Processes run smoother and overall efficiency is raised. The mobile workforce is enabling new process models!
See our sidebar, too. Go proving our statements!

Technology, enabling enhanced process models

The devices are working fully autonomously for hours or days, without the requirement for a permanent online connection. Only on demand and availability, the synchronisation with the background IT systems opens up a network connection. Under certain circumstances, the application may be used with a permanent or recurrent connection, for example for frequent material move transactions. While originally intended for mobile devices, the applications can be run on any standard PC, too. With identical user interface. This allows, to link-in remote, non-mobile working places, running the same tasks, without requirement for another application.  Go to our technology section for more details.

Materializing information

Information, arising on event and location can be materialized immediatly. This turns information into shareable and transactive binaries. Because the application is tuned to your processes, there will be few questions left. Staff communication is reduced to some unavoidable or exceptions from usual workflow - aside to human exchange. Your IT systems are getting proven, rock solid data and may immediatly start transactions.
The devices used, usually provide support for business communication with industry standard email clients and if you want, even support telephone communication. This enables to pull remote workforces into office space and to narrow the decision makers. So whatever is not directly covered by the application, can materialize as written context. What needs immediate decisions, can be decided.


Essential for the success of a mobile data acquisition project is the acceptance of the users and, apart from technical functionality, the integration into the process. Ergonomics are very critical. Noone of your enterprise' users will finally except a standard web technology simply shrunk down to unreadable size. This is a showstopper to simple online projects, which try to expand to mobiles. We have to provide more. Andthis is exactly, what we deliver to you. Ergonomics, shaped simplicity and precise adoption to your processes, infrastrucure and environment. We build on top of your existing IT-systems. In most projects, these do not have to be altered at all, we just support them.

Real Life

If your application process already involves data spots on location, we gladly make use of them – the device of choice will then capture the existing barcodes, RFIDs, GPS-coordinates, or other system-interfaces of your devices or plants – we already implemented several standard interfaces and we will integrate almost every carrier - except human mind. Together, we compile a hardware suggestion, to make this integration possible and in the dialogue with you, we implement the appropriate software, if it's missing in our framework.

Hidden Complexity

Our technology is a unique and thorough solution for mobile data aquisition. It is far more then a simple capture and forward. E.g. the system provides detailed conflict resolution, data may be captured concurrent. It provides time recordings for any change. It provides security and managebility. Data are fed back and forth between your IT system and the user, in order to getting things accurate, finally. Data are following their originators or role excutors. The devices are able to print complex forms. They can execute complex calculations or follow complex algorithms. They provide extensive lookup data. The data are compressed and encrypted for secure transmissions. The protocols are flexible and intended to pass firewalls. The system includes a central but scalable server application. And much more...it is a complete solution.

Get a noncommittal consultation

For more information, simply touch us by phone or email!
We will provide you a precise suggestion, so you will know exactly,

- how a mobile data aquisition will fit into your processes
- when you will be able to provide new services to your customers
- which cost you will be able to deprecate
- when your investment will have gained amortisation

Your first phone call or email will cost you time, only. If we find a common platform for interaction, we will provide you a precise suggestion!

Your Benefits

See our Benefit reasoning section for your advantages


See our technology section for more details

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